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Rollei 35 S

Rollei 35 S

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The legendary Rollei 35 S is a combination of engineering and quality. It held the title of smallest full-frame 35mm camera in the world for some time and although selling for a premium price, it was one of the best selling 35mm cameras. It has the abbreviation S to indicate it has a Sonnar lens (it was also made in Singapore).

The Rollei 35 S boasts a sharp Collapsable Rollei HFT Sonnar 40mm F/2.8 which produces marvellously sharp images for the palm-sized camera. The Rollei Compur leafshutter speeds can do 1/2 to 1/500 sec, and B so most shooting situations are covered. 

The Rollei accepts film ranging from 25 to 1600 ISO. 

With over 527,000 units of the Rollei 35 sold, it's not surprising that the Rollei 35 is one of the most commercially successful and beloved models to grace film photographers. So if you're looking for an iconic, small, reliable & sharp 35mm viewfinder cameras, then look no further than the Rollei 35 S!

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