1. Are these cameras new?

These cameras aren't new unless specified!
Do take note that these cameras have stopped production for decades and it's difficult to find one that's completely brand new.
If you really want a brand new version of your favourite camera, head over to the Pre-order page under Contact Us to order it.

2. Are these cameras working?

The cameras go through strict testing before we put them up for sale.
We check the functionality of the lens, the mechanical/electronic functions and the metering functions. We also test with dummy rolls too!
Only after these tests, we deem whether it is fit for sale on our site!

3. Is there a warranty for the cameras?

We provide a warranty for all our cameras!
The duration of the warranty is dependent on the type of camera and the warranties begin when you receive your camera. 
There will be a full refund if the camera has issues during the duration of the warranty.

4. I can't find the camera that I want on the site, what do I do?

Head over to our Pre-order page to pre-order any camera that you want!
We will try our best to source for it and get back to you.

Feel free to send us a message on Whatsapp / Telegram us at +65 8686 0349 or DM us on Instagram if you have any other questions!