Lab's Terms & Conditions

  • We are not responsible for any blank scans if unexposed films are sent to us.
  • Any special requests in regards to processing should be mentioned on processing form or verbally when passing the films to us. We do not accept special requests after the film has been developed.
  • All films, negatives, and all other materials received by us are treated with the utmost care. However, in case of any accident, damage, or loss, our compensation will be limited to replacing your film or damaged items with an identical or similar unexposed film. We are not liable for any damage resulting from any mishandling or damage of the image file.
  • Anything special done to the film (eg. Film Soup) before sending it to us should be made known. 
  • We are not responsible for any third-party companies and any delays/damages to packages being sent to/from us. Filem is not responsible for any damage to property due to fire, flood, or any natural-inducing accidents.
  • Bulk-loaded rolls longer than 39 frames may need to be cut before developing and the customer might lose a frame.
  • Express service is only available if the film is dropped off at the main Filem store (80 Playfair Road, #04-01, S367998) before 4pm.
  • Custom service cannot be done with express service. 
  • Customer's digital scans are only backed up for 28 days. Please download your file before the link expires. Customers may request assistance if the file is lost.
  • Negatives are archived from up to 60 days from day of development. If we do not receive additional requests with regards to negative handling in this period, we reserve the right to no longer archive your negatives.

We appreciate your understanding.