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RENTAL Nikon F4 with Nikon AF-D 50mm f/1.4

RENTAL Nikon F4 with Nikon AF-D 50mm f/1.4

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Here's your chance to rent a Nikon F4 from us! The Nikon F4 is a great autofocus SLR with great glass. This is the first autofocus professional camera released by Nikon. Try it out today!

Deposit: $60

Current Promo: Pay with PayNow and get 50% off your second day.

Here's how to rent with us:

Step 1: Place a booking on our website by selecting the dates that you are planning to rent it for.

Step 2: Bring along your identification and a bill/letter addressed to the address behind your identification for verification purposes.

Step 3: Drop us a message to let us know what time will you be planning to come over to our store to pick up the camera.

Step 4: Return the camera to us before the end of the rental period.

Feel free to drop us a message at +65 8686 0349 if you have any queries!

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